The cemetery is located at 5 East Cemetery Drive, Burkittsville MD 21718.

You may also wish to visit the Town of Burkittsville website ( to learn more about our lovely town and the surrounding area.  

We welcome all visitors and ask that you respect the hallowed ground and follow these guidelines when visiting.

·      All boisterous laughter and irreverent mirth and conversation, running, or otherwise acting in an unbecoming manner is forbidden, and anyone offending shall be required to leave the grounds forthwith.

·      Dogs may be walked on leash on roadways. Please keep dogs off graves and grass, and please pick up after your dog.

·      Do not remove any part of the cemetery, including but not limited to, grass, dirt, plants, decorations, markers, headstones, or pieces of markers or headstones.

·      Do not sit or lean on headstones.

·      All persons on the premises will be held responsible for any damage done by them.

·      Children under 18 years of age must be accompanied by an adult.

·      No food or drink allowed.

·      Planting must be done under the supervision of the Board of Directors; no perennials, trees, shrubs or similar may be planted.

·      Decorations, flowers, or similar shall not impede mowing.

·      Outhouses shall be used only during burials.

·      Photographs shall not be used for commercial purposes.

·      Automobiles shall remain under 10 mph, shall remain on roadways, and shall not park inside the cemetery for more than 30 minutes.

·      Firearms will not be permitted except at military funerals.

·      Any and all further regulations that the board may determine are in the organization’s best interest.


Tour Groups (7 or more people):

·      Should your tour group wish to enter the cemetery proper, a docent must be in attendance.

·      If you are requesting a docent, sufficient notice must be given in order to make arrangements of the same.

·      If you do not timely request a docent, or do not request a docent at all, your group cannot enter the cemetery proper and must remain outside the fence portion of the cemetery.


Blair Witch movie fans:

·      You may notice that there are not any graves in the cemetery with the Blair name as the movie portrayed a fictional story.

·      If you are a fan of the movie, you are welcome to visit the cemetery. We simply ask that you respect the grounds as our loved ones and fallen soldiers are buried here.

·      If you are interested in volunteering time or services to the cemetery, please contact us!